Wednesday, 7 March 2018

What is a function and a for loop?

A Function Programme:)

A function in coding is a type of of procedure or a routine. It is a group of different
commands of a programme that performs a specific action. It is a programme that
performs many operations but does not return a value. A function is a unit of code that
is often defined by it's role within a more greater structure in it.

A For Loop Programme:)

A for loop is a sequence of different instructions that is continually repeated over
and over again until a certain condition has reached. Typically when a certain command
is done, such as getting item of data and changing it. It is a control flow statement
for specifying iteration, which allowed the code to be executed repeatedly.

Friday, 2 March 2018

My Visual Mihi:)

This here is called my visual mihi. A visual mihi means listing down at least 4 - 5 things that is really important to you in life. The images that I have drawn is what's important to me and what I really love doing in my spear time. Sports, sports is one of my favourite things to do at school as I get to experience many different sports and having to challenge / verse other schools.  Culture, my culture is very important to me as myself and my younger siblings love doing when it comes to our family meetings, we perform a short dance as well as a haka which is what we enjoy doing. Music, music is what I love listening to and what I love doing in my spear time. Music is what I love making with my sister and having to play all sorts of instruments. Last but not least. Family, family is the most important thing in life for me as we do all sorts of fun and active things after we finish school. I love my family so very much and it's always going to be the 1st thing for me in life. Family for me is for life. 

And myself:

I really like doing all these kinds of things especially having to meet new people and spending a lot of time with my wonderful family and friends, but as for always family must come first before anything else. I really love sports, my awesome culture, playing all sorts of music and spending heaps of time with my lovely family. 

And that's the end of my incredible mihi, hope use all enjoyed and please stay tuned for more blog posts.

Thanks for watching:)